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6 February 2024

Learning a Skill at Work can be Child’s Play

Ensuring staff are constantly learning in their roles is essential to any business but it is particularly important when working with future generations.

Not only does upskilling in a childcare setting ensure staff are aware of the latest teaching techniques and protocols but it also shows a commitment to lifelong learning beyond the classroom.

ACT, Wales’ leading training provider, has a mantra of ‘improving lives through learning’.

If you are looking for simple ways to upskill your team, ACT offers a suite of apprenticeships aimed at developing knowledge, skills and occupational competence within childcare settings.

Courses include Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development as well as Playwork in a range of levels suitable for those starting in their childcare journey up to those who have been in a senior role for many years.

ACT apprenticeships are work-based and fully-funded by the Welsh Government, giving learners the chance to build on their existing knowledge and skills as well as learning new ones.

ACT currently works with employers across all sectors throughout Wales including The British Heart Foundation, The Celtic Manor Resort, NHS Health Boards, Welsh Ambulance Service and Cardiff University.

Find out more about what ACT can offer you and your team here.


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