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Is your Business Equipped to Innovate to Success?


For many businesses, innovation is the lifeblood for success. Innovation can help a business not only find its place in a market, but also help them to lead it.

With the proliferation of new digital technologies rapidly gathering pace, companies that innovate find themselves future-proofed to the evolving technological landscape.

To help businesses equip themselves to fully utilise their innovative potential, Limestone Grey will be holding the ‘Innovation for Success’ seminar on the 16th January.

At the event four firms will be speaking, these include;

  • Business Wales (Accelerated Growth Programme)
  • CEMET (University of South Wales)
  • LimestoneGrey
  • Hugh James Solicitors

The firms involved have given some information on what attendees can expect from the seminar.

Business Wales’ Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP) will be answering the question, ‘How can the AGP help your business?’.

The AGP is funded via the Welsh Government and is a specialist business growth programme. They provide high level coaching, mentoring and professional support for businesses that have high growth potential. This potential is defined as businesses with significant job creation, investment needs and international trade opportunities.

CEMET, or the Centre of Excellence in Mobile and Emerging Technologies, believe that innovation is a vital part of business growth. They support businesses seeking to create new products, solutions or services via collaborative research projects. They will be discussing how SMEs can join forces with a dedicated R&D team to provide future shaping projects and services.

For those already investing in R&D, LimestoneGrey will be giving an introduction into tax credits and how businesses can claim back up to 33% of your R&D expenditure. LimestoneGrey are an independent firm of Chartered tax advisers, who work exclusively in R&D tax credit claims.

Hugh James Solicitors, who are in the top 100 UK law firms, will be speaking about intellectual property. In particular they will be defining what intellectual property means and what protection businesses might need.

The event will be held in the Barclays Eagle Labs in Cardiff between 9 and 12pm on the 16th January and attendees are invited to book here.


LimestoneGrey is not your average tax consultancy. As the only firm of Chartered Tax Advisers dedicated to R&D tax credits in Wales, we pride ourselves on our refreshingly unique approach to Research and Development (R&D) tax credits which makes the claim process simple and straightforward.

We specialise exclusively in R&D tax credits – this level of specialism provides us with a more thorough understanding of the tax legislation, HMRC practice and how it could impact your business. Based in South Wales, we are passionate about helping Welsh companies from all sectors successfully claim what they are entitled to, which often equates to tens of thousands of pounds or more.

We appreciate that the claim process can be a little overwhelming. There is so much information available that it is hard to know where to begin. Our Chartered Tax Advisers provide a complete R&D service ensuring your claim is fully optimised, providing you with peace of mind and confidence, whatever your industry, size or structure.

More companies qualify for the relief than you may first think. You do not need to be undertaking cutting edge research to make a claim – this is the biggest misconception surrounding R&D tax credits. You simply need to demonstrate that your company has undertaken work which was not routine or easy to achieve. Our experienced advisers can help pull all the necessary information together and present it in the correct way.

All this can be done risk free – if you do not receive a benefit then LimestoneGrey won’t charge you anything! Contact us to speak to one of our specialist Chartered Tax Advisers


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