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1 December 2022

Is Regenerative Tourism the Future for Rural Wales?

In this podcast of the Rural Futures Hub series, brought to you by Business News Wales, host Carwyn Jones speaks with Prof. Michael Woods and Dr Mandy Talbot, both from Aberystwyth University, as well as Dafydd Wyn Morgan from Cambrian Mountains Initiative. The podcast focuses on whether regenerative tourism is the future for Rural Wales.  

A recent buzzword in the travel industry, regenerative tourism is about tourism that puts more into a place than it takes out. It goes beyond sustainable tourism as an approach focused on community interests that seeks to balance economic, natural, social and cultural capital. This podcast discusses work by Aberystwyth University and the Cambrian Mountains Initiative to develop a vision for regenerative tourism in rural Wales, exploring opportunities and challenges, and what regenerative tourism might look like in practice.

Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of rural Wales, but concerns around the over-concentration of visitors and their environment, social and cultural impact has made tourism increasingly controversial in many rural communities. Could regenerative tourism be part of the answer?


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