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Introducing LimestoneGrey


Lime R&D, Wales’ first independent Chartered Tax Adviser consultancy dedicated to research and development (R&D) tax credits, is to be rebranded LimestoneGrey.

Founded in 2017 by Managing Director Matthew Jones to help innovative companies claim R&D credits, the company has grown dramatically and now has offices in Bristol and Cardiff.

Voted No 4 in the WalesOnline ‘35 under 35’ list of top young business and professional men in Wales in 2018, Matthew spotted a gap in the market for a specialist agency, believing Wales lags behind the UK in claiming R&D credits. So far, the company has worked with entrepreneur accelerators and business incubators, such as Welsh ICE, to help Welsh start-up businesses secure additional funding and receive a significant financial boost.

With the company poised for further expansion, Matthew feels the time is now right to rebrand the company to reflect its professional status and objectives.

Matthew explains

‘Lime R&D was the perfect name for our start-up company with its connotations of a fresh, zingy approach. Now, after two very busy years, we want a new corporate identity to represent the next phase. We chose Limestone as it is a very smart, sturdy building material and as such reflects our key strengths. Our new logo also references the fact that we are chartered R&D tax specialists for additional clarity.’

Looking to the future, Matthew says

‘I am extremely pleased at the progress the company has made since its inception. In such a short space of time, we have already helped companies claim back hundreds of thousands of pounds and it is our mission to continue the push of promoting R&D tax credits to those that are unaware of the scheme. We have established fruitful relationships with key stakeholders in the innovation sector which will continue to thrive following the rebrand.

The future is exciting for LimestoneGrey, with plans to extend the workforce due to increased demand and to deliver a comprehensive marketing programme.’


LimestoneGrey is not your average tax consultancy. As the only firm of Chartered Tax Advisers dedicated to R&D tax credits in Wales, we pride ourselves on our refreshingly unique approach to Research and Development (R&D) tax credits which makes the claim process simple and straightforward.

We specialise exclusively in R&D tax credits – this level of specialism provides us with a more thorough understanding of the tax legislation, HMRC practice and how it could impact your business. Based in South Wales, we are passionate about helping Welsh companies from all sectors successfully claim what they are entitled to, which often equates to tens of thousands of pounds or more.

We appreciate that the claim process can be a little overwhelming. There is so much information available that it is hard to know where to begin. Our Chartered Tax Advisers provide a complete R&D service ensuring your claim is fully optimised, providing you with peace of mind and confidence, whatever your industry, size or structure.

More companies qualify for the relief than you may first think. You do not need to be undertaking cutting edge research to make a claim – this is the biggest misconception surrounding R&D tax credits. You simply need to demonstrate that your company has undertaken work which was not routine or easy to achieve. Our experienced advisers can help pull all the necessary information together and present it in the correct way.

All this can be done risk free – if you do not receive a benefit then LimestoneGrey won’t charge you anything! Contact us to speak to one of our specialist Chartered Tax Advisers


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