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12 June 2024

International Partnership Paves Way for Growth for Coworking Firm

A coworking and small business support company has entered an international partnership with a flex-space management software.

The deal gives Caerphilly-based Town Square Spaces Ltd (TownSq) an exclusive licence to utilise the Baseworx platform for growth in the UK to enable further scale and expansion. With the platform fully operational, it has the potential to generate millions in additional revenue over the next five years.

Baseworx, the technology driving Ireland's government-backed Connected Hubs initiative known as the ‘Airbnb of Coworking,’ is a SaaS company based in Cork.

The platform offers a comprehensive venue management solution favoured by coworking spaces, large offices, and hybrid workspaces. It enables companies to manage their office spaces entirely, from booking meeting rooms and desks to handling administration, room access, and invoice generation. Since its launch in 2021 the system has onboarded more than 360 spaces and managed tens of thousands of bookings.

TownSq operates hubs in North Wales, Cardiff, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, Devon, Hereford and London. The platform will be part of TownSq’s Cowork Local, where as well as being offered to other workspaces directly it will create the opportunity to power the next phase of development through associate spaces and further community outreach.

CEO and co-founder of TownSq Gareth Jones said:

“When we began TownSq in 2017 we primarily focused on providing startup support and founding and managing our own coworking spaces. Whilst this is still a big part of our business, we have steadily been building a more service-driven offering, working with partners to create long-term change for local economic ecosystems. This partnership with Baseworx is a core part of that and gives us a way to support more people in different places.

“We initially met the Baseworx team while at a conference in Amsterdam and quickly found that we had a shared focus to make flexible and hybrid workspaces more available, affordable, effective and efficient. The platform is immensely popular in Ireland, so we are pleased to have formalised our partnership.

“Workspace management platforms have really grown in popularity over the last decade as offices and coworking spaces have professionalised. But there's more to managing a space than booking desks and meeting rooms, and our associate spaces approach gives workspaces access to better tools to build more successful communities.

“Having access to this service will have a double benefit in that it will allow us to provide our members with more value, but also for us to support other businesses and workspaces, offering them access to a range of services. We’re looking forward to getting the platform up and running and helping more venues unlock the value in their space.”

Graham Clarke, CEO of Baseworx, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with TownSq to bring our innovative platform to the UK market. TownSq is an exciting company with great people, making them a perfect fit for our vision. This collaboration will not only enhance TownSq’s service offering but also extend the benefits of our technology to a broader audience, enabling more efficient and effective management of workspaces.”

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