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Inspired by the Past but Designed for the Future

Written By:

Beverley Wookey

Sales Director


In the late 19th Century, the arts and crafts movement became prominent for its focus on re-establishing traditional craftsmanship using uncomplicated forms of build and decoration. 

Coming at a time when mass production and industrialisation were the prevailing trends, this movement grew in popularity and led to some beautiful architecture being designed and built across the country.

Here at Redrow, our aim has always been to build homes of the highest quality, reflecting the craftsmanship and details associated with the arts and crafts movement. Indeed, our Heritage Collection offers traditional craftmanship combined with modern, high end interiors and that is what we pride ourselves on.

Every inch of our homes has been carefully considered, from features such as traditional porches supported by timber posts with gallows brackets to brick plinths that run the whole way round the property. These features add grandeur and depth to the front of the home and provide an anchoring effect.

Framing the entrance emphasises this key focal point for our homes. It creates a perfectly symmetrical entry to the property. Large bay windows feature heavily because as well as giving a property more prominence and kerb appeal, the shape, enhanced by Redrow’s larger windows, allows natural light to flood into the home.

Most homes in the Heritage Collection benefit from key arts and crafts features such as impressive hipped roofs and large gables, which along with double barge boards, help them to stand out. The use of tile hanging helps to add a delicate impact, while finials add a finishing touch to the top of the house.

The Heritage Collection is a perfect mix of different house types. When combined with our key place making principles, they create visually stunning streets and intuitive communities that thrive.  Approximately 30% of the homes in our developments are rendered using a modern approach to pebble dash, helping to establish rich and diverse street scenes that are a pleasure to live in.

But, as we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why we’ve refined open plan living with our distinctive kitchens, transforming them into liveable spaces and family rooms. You can see just how well open plan living space works if you take a visit to our development at Cae St Fagans, Plasdwr. The Stratford is an elegant and handsome four-bedroom home with a spacious kitchen and dining area that has the real wow factor.

The Henley at Churchlands is also a really impressive home. With a double garage, two en-suite bedrooms and a thirty-six foot family, dining and kitchen area, this is a generously proportioned home of real quality and character. It really does combine the best aspects of tradition and modern living to create the ideal home for growing families. I love it.

Ultimately, our job is about creating beautiful homes and communities that our customers are proud to live in. Inspired by the past but designed for the future, our award-winning homes offer the best of both worlds. From garden villages to lifestyle homes, there’s something for everyone.


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