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How Wales’ Tourism and Travel Sector can Protect Itself from Cyber Attacks


As we edge out of lockdown, the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) is urging businesses in the travel and tourism sector to evaluate their protection against cybercrime.

Welsh-based businesses are gearing up for a record-breaking summer with hundreds of thousands of bookings being made through online systems for hotel reservations, car rentals, campsites and restaurants. Without the necessary protection, organisations leave themselves wide open for cybercriminals to exploit personal data and to attack networks.

Business News Wales spoke to Paul Peters, Director of the WCRC, who offer local businesses across Wales free tools and tips to help improve cyber resiliency, about why Welsh organisations in the travel and tourism sector are so vulnerable to cyber security threats, and what the potential consequences of these businesses not protecting themselves could be.

Such attacks can leave a devastating impact with far-reaching effect. Businesses can suffer from a long list of serious implications, including destruction, alteration, or loss of important files, unauthorised access to sensitive data, loss of billable hours, network access and website access, as well as potential closure.

Please click below to listen to advice from Paul on the best methods and business practices for the Welsh Travel & Tourism sector to combat cyber-attacks, and how the WCRC can support businesses overcome barriers of implementing these new measures.