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How Wales’ Tourism and Travel Sector can Protect Itself from Cyber Attacks


The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) has been urging Welsh businesses within the travel and tourism sectors to take further measures in strengthening their cyber-security infrastructures, following concerns of heightened vulnerabilities post-lockdown.

With the Welsh Government gradually easing lockdown restrictions this summer, the sector is expecting to finally start recuperating from its losses, meaning a welcome return to the workplace for many within travel and tourism. But with the expected surge in Welsh tourism this summer, could an overwhelming tourist demand blight the good cyber practices within these organisations? Moreover, with such a drastic change to the ways businesses are now working, such as working from home, does this leave trusted cyber-security infrastructures within an office environment vulnerable to malicious attacks from hackers?

Concerns about the safety of corporate devices running on employee home networks have been raised in recent times. These concerns include businesses and their employees running the risk of letting their good practices in cyber-security become too relaxed, due to the notion of being outside an office environment.

Business News Wales spoke to Paul Peters, the Director of the WCRC, to learn more about how the sector can do more to strengthen their vital cyber-networks and reinforce good cyber working practices in preparation for a busy season.

The WCRC is an organisation that works with Universities, Businesses and Police Forces in Wales to provide support for local SMEs, supply chain businesses and third sector organisations against cyber-crime. This is part of a UK-wide roll out of Cyber Resilience Centres across the country.

You can listen to our full audio interview with Paul Peters below: