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4 September 2023

How Human Data Sciences Created a New Era in Public Health Knowledge

When Human Data Sciences (HDS) unveiled their revolutionary website recently, it did more than detail the frequency of all diseases in the UK, for the very first time.

This groundbreaking online resource presents a quantum leap for global health information analysis – immediately empowering research scientists and pharmaceutical companies to better understand the burden of disease and population health needs, quicker than ever before.

How has this remarkable Cardiff-based enterprise made such an astonishing breakthrough – capable of delivering in minutes the kind of data that previously took years?

We spoke with members of the HDS team, to discover more ….

A quantum leap for global health information analysis

“Our website is a turning point for global health analysis” explains Rhiannon Thomason, CEO of HDS, “and a major milestone in the journey towards enhanced public health knowledge.

“This new platform has published the prevalence of all diseases in the UK, for the very first time – empowering medical professionals, researchers and the general public with the ability to access and understand the frequency and occurrence of all diseases amongst the UK population.

“We have received an incredibly positive response from experts across the health data industry – which reaffirms the game-changing nature of our Livingstone  analytical engine that has powered this pioneering breakthrough, bringing the ability to routinely analyse healthcare data in near real-time.

“I’m incredibly proud of the HDS team who have opened the door to a new era of healthcare research and real-world evidence generation at a pace never seen before.”

A user-friendly website improving health outcomes in the UK and worldwide

Professor Craig Currie, Chief Scientific Officer at HDS, explains the seismic change and competitive advantages brought by the PrevalenceUK platform:

“These epidemiological studies normally take one to two years, at considerable cost and only by using a large team of experts. Livingstone can do the same, and better, in minutes.

“As a result of this remarkable analytical automation and innovation, the website offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to filter prevalence data by disease.

“By offering instant access to vital epidemiological analysis, Livingstone is helping us to achieve our objectives of improving healthcare outcomes in the UK and across the globe – through an easy-to-use website that enables everyone to filter prevalence data by disease.

“Whether you’re a policy maker, a researcher, a healthcare provider or a member of the public, this revolutionary platform will help you understand the epidemiology of diseases around the world – and enable us to inform more effective treatment strategies, public health initiatives and preventative measures.”

Another inspired innovation from the CCR Medtech sector

Rhys Thomas, COO and Acting Director of Cardiff Capital Region, praised the expertise and ingenuity of the HDS team:

“The revolution being created by PrevalenceUK shows why we have been so excited and committed to support HDS. It’s clear to us that this company is built to deliver on world-class ambitions – making a major impact in our Region and across the globe.

“Since investing in the HDS vision we have seen their team more than double in strength, introduce the game-changing Livingstone platform, and now launch the world-first PrevalenceUK resource.

“What a performance – and what a team!”

Gavin Powell, Head of Innovation & Clusters at CCR, noted how the upward HDS trajectory augurs well for Medtech and the other priority sectors in the region:

“There’s a stream of innovation running deep and fast throughout the CCR priority sectors right now.

“Our Compound Semiconductor cluster is at the centre of UK strategy, Media.Cymru and the Cyber Innovation Hub are shaping the future of our Creative and Cyber industries, Financial Technology continues to grow from strength to strength through FinTech Wales – and our Medtech sector is making waves on a global scale, thanks to the teams at Creo Medical, Jellagen and here at Human Data Sciences.

“Rhiannon and her team deserve all the plaudits for what they have already achieved – and I’m sure there’s much more to come from this extraordinary enterprise.”

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