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Have Your Say on SMEs and the Environment


Energy, transport, pollution and waste management are just some of the ways in which environmental issues impact upon small businesses in Wales every day.

UK Government has a legally binding target for the UK to become carbon neutral by 2050.

So what should FSB ask UK and Welsh Government for in order to support smaller businesses to reduce our impact on the environment?

FSB will be publishing research later this year on how SMEs are affected by environmental concerns, what steps they are already taking to reduce their impact on the environment, and how UK and Welsh Government can support them to do more. Smaller firms are already leading the way on innovative thinking on improving their carbon footprint, and FSB’s research will demonstrate how these firms can be supported to take further steps in this objective.

Ashley Rogers, FSB Wales Policy Unit Member and MD at Gill & Shaw Ltd said:

“Tackling Climate Change is something we all have to be involved in and SME’s in Wales have a crucial role to play. In order to deliver as businesses and do our share in combatting Climate Change, we do need support from Welsh and UK Governments. This FSB Environmental survey gives us a voice in those discussions, so it’s really important that businesses across Wales take part”.

Ashley added

“If businesses want to help shape the ask of Government in how they support us to decarbonise and help us take advantage of the commercial opportunities this will bring, then it’s really important they get involved now. Given the importance of this to businesses today and in the future, we all need to have our say and this FSB research gives us that opportunity.”

The survey is open until Monday 19th August and can be found here: