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Farmers’ and Rural Business-People’s Best Chance to be Heard


“Rural issues must matter – and be seen to matter next month’s Senedd election,” says CLA Cymru Director, Nigel Hollett. “The campaign is the time when politicians listen to voters most – and election day is the rural voter’s chance to judge who really is listening on rural issues.”

“Countryside communities have been critically affected by the pandemic – notably by the inconsistency between the plans to ease restrictions in Wales and England, and the severe effect this has had on border country businesses. “Agriculture faces the greatest set of changes this vital industry has seen for several working generations. As we enter the Senedd election period, the Welsh Government’s White Paper on Agriculture lies in limbo waiting for the attention of the next Government.”

“In recent years, rural Wales has experienced high levels of investment into Wales’s fastest-growing sector: tourism. How this industry re-starts following the restrictions will dictate the fate of many businesses and many communities. This sector will continue to need support.”

Nigel continues, “How our planning system supports economic and community development must also be at the heart of Wales’ regeneration strategy. This system needs to be rural-friendly, working alongside a simple tax system which rewards investment and entrepreneurship. Key to the rural community will be high-quality connectivity which enables rural Wales to become a powerhouse for economic revitalisation.”

CLA Cymru represents farmers, landowners and a wide variety of rural businesses throughout Wales. The CLA has over 30,000 members in England and Wales.