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Exciting New Expansion for Welsh Business Development Group


A growing business, which helps people with little or no money achieve financial success, is expanding further next month.

Just a year ago, Mrs Hazel Thomas and Mr Jon Stevens joined the £2.73 Club at their monthly meeting in Cwmbran with little knowledge about investing – and now they will launch their own training groups in September.

The £2.73 Club helps people develop the skills to build wealth and their dream lifestyle.

For the price of a daily coffee and using the money in the right way, people learn to accumulate wealth through property, shares, business and bullion investing. Mrs Thomas will be hosting new events in Newport and Torfaen while Mr Stevens is the host of the Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire regional clubs.

The Club was founded by Cwmbran-based entrepreneur Mrs Karen Newton and her business partner is Mr Peter Rowlands, from Newport.

Mrs Thomas said:

“It is a year ago that I started this. It is the same as with everything in that, to make something work, you have got to take action.

“There is no point in going along and learning something and expecting it to all fall into your lap without taking actions.

“Equally, I am a busy mum with three small children of seven and under, I have a photography business and I run a very busy networking business.

“For me, I got involved in this and it fits with my lifestyle, fits with my Utility Warehouse business and it gives me the chance to really develop and learn.

“I was really excited to learn about investing as I have always wanted to find out more about it.  Because of my busy lifestyle, a traditional two-day seminar which threw me out into the big wide world afterwards, with no support, did not work for me.

“I can go along and do a two-day seminar but coming back into reality and putting it into practice is a different matter.

“With the £2.73 Club’s on-going monthly approach, the regular meet-ups, the call to action, being held accountable to everyone in the group and reporting to Karen on a monthly basis makes a massive difference.”

It is an incredible rise to success for the £2.73 Club which started when Mr Rowlands bumped into Mrs Newton with a query about a book she had written on investing money and asked to be coached by her.

Now the £2.73 Club has ten groups in total and five franchise groups plus three online global groups. It is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme but requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

However, it works.

Mr Stevens said:

“For me, this is a big deal. It is getting the message across that you can be friends with money, you can learn to invest yourself, you can feel empowered to make money – not just earn money – and that is what I am keen to get across to other people.

“Had we been educated in school about how to invest and how money works, I don’t think anybody would be afraid or scared about doing it. For me now, it is as normal as getting up and having a cup of tea in the morning.

“To me, investing is a part of life and we should all be able to do it. That is why I feel it is important that we all engage in it.”

Mrs Newton, who began investing with three hundred pounds used from a credit card to pay the legal fees on a house bought with a zero deposit mortgage, now has a portfolio of property and shares worth upwards of £10 million.

She said:

“We are not able to give personal advice but we can teach people investing skills. That is really how the £2.73 Club started.

“The thing is that, although we have aimed this at people who have low income, we have got people in our groups who are already millionaires.

“What we push is the lifestyle. There is no point being able to make money if you haven’t got the lifestyle to go with it.

“So, where people say work, build your wealth up and then go and have your lifestyle when you retire, we teach people to design the lifestyle they want then how they can make the money to do it.”

A Zero to Millionaire seminar to introduce the £2.73 Club to prospective members will be held soon. Details will be on Eventbrite.