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Equity is Essential to Business Success and Security


By Ceri Murphy,

Managing Director,




Ceri Murphy, Managing Director at Itec Skills and Employment, which became the the first Welsh independent training provider to be employee owned in 2019, believes that equity is essential to business success and security.

“The narrative must progress, lately there has been a big focus on equality, but equity is needed to afford employers and employees more equal opportunities for development and growth in the education and skills sector and the wider workforce.

“However, to achieve equity there needs to be more open conversations focused on peoples’ lived experiences and specific needs in order for companies and businesses to sufficiently support their employees. Good leaders must get to know their workers and communicate with them, so their individual needs are not only acknowledged but equitable solutions are introduced as a result of these conversations.

“We have to approach equity as not just a women’s debate but rather something that affects everyone. Although we must also accept that because women traditionally have not been offered the same opportunities as men that means that they are in need of more tailored support in the workplace. Whether this be in the form of menopause policies, childcare considerations, or a more flexible work schedule – we must ensure that equity begins at home.

“The decision to adopt an employee-owned trust (EOT) model for Itec came from my business partner Stephen Doyle and I’s desire to share the success of the business with our employees. Since becoming 100% employee owned in 2019 equity has become a key aspect of our culture here at Itec – the EOT model not only makes our employees’ work more meaningful, but they are able to see how their personal accomplishments contribute to the success of the business as a whole.

“Our people are our greatest asset, and we want them to know that they are valued and that no matter who they are that they have an equal stake in the company’s growth and accomplishments. We hope to continue to build on this culture of equity so that we can continue to make a difference in people’s lives and the communities we serve.”

About Itec

For 40 years, Itec has provided life-changing opportunities to people through the Welsh Government’s  £200m Jobs Growth Wales+ programme and the Restart programme. They also offer a wide range of apprenticeships across Wales to help participants develop their skills and gain qualifications.

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