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4 September 2023

Enhancing Business through Collaborative Learning: A Case Study on International Student Placements

In a recent interview with Lisa Bellis, People Partner at the Very Groups Wrexham Fulfilment Centre, she spoke about the success of the Advanced Placement scheme through Wrexham University.

Lisa Bellis emphasised the natural fit between the Advanced Placement scheme and their business objectives. The Fulfilment Centre saw the opportunity to not only support the local community but also tap into the expertise of international students.

The program brought in students like Siham and Vishal, who demonstrated exceptional skills and a fresh perspective. They delved into projects like streamlining the “Wrong Goods Received” process, a crucial aspect of the business's finance and profit margins.

The students' contributions were marked by their IT proficiency, business knowledge, and practical insights, given Vishal's prior experience with Amazon in India. The partnership went beyond the initial placement period, with both students being offered roles as paid employees, a testament to their dedication and the value they brought.

Collaborating with these apprentices enables businesses to tap into talent within their own industry, which proves highly advantageous for both the businesses themselves and the local economy.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of degree apprenticeships and their potential benefits for your business, find out more here.

The Very Group are a family of digital retail brand and a team of people passionate about families on a budget. At our Wrexham Fulfilment site we service customers with the storage and delivery of larger items such as sofa’s, televisions and white goods.


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