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Emma Meets: Luke Hodge, Director at b2b IT Services


Emma Peterson, Director FinTech Awards Wales & Finance Awards Wales Meets:

Luke Hodge,


b2b IT Services

In this series of ‘Emma Meets', Emma Peterson, Director of Recruit 121 Finance & Accounting Solutions, finds out more about the sponsors of the up and coming Finance Awards Wales 2023. Finance Awards Wales is designed to recognise, attract and invest in the talented finance professionals working in Wales, showcasing the best of the best in the finance industry. In this edition, Emma meets Luke Hodge, Director for b2b IT Services.

Tell me about yourself and career to date? 

Founder and co-owner, started the business back in 2004 when all this was fields… Now work with 2 other Directors, a great senior leadership team and around 25 staff making up the b2b IT Services tribe

Can you give me an overview of your company and what you do? 

We are an IT “managed service provider” so basically we provide a range of IT services for our clients to help them do business quicker, more effectively and safer. We do this through the use of Cloud products, IT security services and robust Business continuity offerings to our clients.

We are a “cloud first” business so a lot of our engagement is around helping companies migrate to the cloud from what they would traditionally have had in hot noisy server rooms

What has been the biggest challenge the company has faced and how have you responded? 

I’m probably one of the biggest challenges to the company, both in a good way and a bad way! We’ve grown over the last few years both through natural growth but also acquisition. Although we’ve been really fortunate, it’s not come without its challenges, a bigger company means I can’t do everything. We’ve responded by establishing and growing our senior leadership team, working on our processes and using data to drive our business rhythms.

How do you feel the Welsh economy will fare over the next 12 months? 

The economy and the world around us seem in constant flux at the moment, so it’s hard to see what tomorrow will hold. As a Welsh business I think it’s important to remain focused on what we are good at, constantly question our “why” and make sure we don’t compromise on our ethics. That way whatever the future may hold we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture – perhaps I should work in politics 😊

What plans do you have for your business in 2023? 

Consistency, excellence, data driven performance review, for us to work smarter not more. To always remember our place and the impact we can have on our clients objectives. To make people happy.

Why did you choose to sponsor the Finance Awards Wales 2023? 

Because Matt forced me into it! No, we’ve been a long term sponsor and really support the encouragement and visibility that the Finance Awards brings to the lots of people. We have an affinity in IT with people who work in finance, we both can kill conversations at parties when people as us what we do.

If you have sponsored the awards previously what were your highlights from last year’s ceremony? 

To see an event have such a positive impact on so many people, both those that won an award, were nominated or attended, it was all good.

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