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12 June 2024

Disused Heritage Building Brought Back to Life As Market

A redevelopment project has transformed a disused building in the heart of Rhyl into a vibrant indoor market.

The former Queen’s buildings and Savoy Hotel sites have been given a new lease of life and will bring employment opportunities and economic activity to the town.

The development is a key regeneration project for Rhyl, linking the promenade to the town centre.

Now known as the Queen’s Market, it will include a variety of catering options, permanent and temporary retail market stalls and flexible events space.

The external space will be utilised for larger events, outdoor markets and will providing community space and seating.

The project has received more than £6 million of funding support through the Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns Programme.

The Cabinet Secretary for Housing, Local Government and Planning, Julie James, visited the market.

She said:

“The redevelopment of Queen’s Market has brought life back to a lovely heritage building and is an excellent example of what we’re trying to achieve across Wales.

“The transformation has brought the building back into productive use in the 21st century and will be a real asset for the community.

“It is a real pleasure to be in charge of the Transforming Towns Programme and we will continue to work with Denbighshire County Council to support improving and adapting underutilised commercial and residential properties in Rhyl.”

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