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11 September 2023

Developing the Next Generation of Tech Professionals in the Cardiff Capital Region


Cardiff Capital Region’s ‘Venture into Data, Digital, and Cyber Bootcamps’ officially launched last week, accelerating the tech careers of fifty talented graduates.

The successful launch at one of Wales’ largest fintechs – Principality Building Society – saw graduates and businesses come together in a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between university and industry, attracting some of the most recognisable businesses in Wales, including PwC and Admiral.

Each three-week Bootcamp will see the cohort enhance their technical and professional skills in Data, Digital, and Cyber amid the global technology and cybersecurity boom, ensuring they are equipped with the current and ever-changing skills needed to thrive in these industries.

Designed and delivered in collaboration with leading training providers, iungo Solutions, Big Learning Company and the Cyber Innovation Hub, these innovative Bootcamps are designed to develop graduates into future tech professionals and leaders, who are ready to make an immediate impact in businesses across the Region.

Rob Regan, Chief Operating Officer of the Principality Building Society, was impressed by the high level of STEM talent at the Bootcamp launch

“I’m delighted that the Principality Building Society can support the great work being done by Cardiff Capital Region to develop talent in our region. We need to show what a fantastic place Wales is for developing careers in STEM – and the CCR Venture team have previously helped to provide us with high-calibre graduates who have already made inspirational contributions to our business. We look forward to seeing the next wave of graduates' flourish as a result of these Bootcamps.”

Clare Allen, Skills Project Manager for CCR, explains how these Bootcamps are crucial to address the need for digital skills:

“Digital, Data and Cyber skills are all part of a critical mix that enable and empower modern-day businesses. In many ways, they’re the building blocks of the fourth industrial revolution that’s reshaping our region – it's increasingly vital to develop future industry experts who will lead this transformation.”

Leanna Davies, Graduate Development Lead at CCR Venture, praised the partner working and collaboration that are powering the Bootcamps: 

“We’re delighted to have brought together industry-best training experts who are acknowledged as skills leaders in their field – with each of these teams providing the very best development programmes, proven to take STEM graduates to a level where they can hit the ground running in the workplace. It’s a much-needed programme that takes us closer to delivering the talent pipeline required by thousands of businesses in South East Wales.”

“Graduates from each cohort are eager to take advantage of this opportunity, with one cyber graduate enthusing: “The Bootcamps will provide invaluable, hands-on experience in the industry – there’s nothing out there quite like it.”

After three weeks of intensive learning, upskilling, and employability training, the Bootcamps will finish with a speed-networking day on Friday 22nd September to enable businesses to connect with industry-ready graduates.

Businesses in the Cardiff Capital Region are invited to register here to get involved and find their future tech talent.


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