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12 April 2024

Corilla Plastics Supports Independent Retailers Thanks to Investment

A Bridgend plastics specialist has invested in new machinery which means it can provide bespoke services to independent retailers.

Rotational moulding specialist Corilla Plastics has unveiled a new brand, Dragon Garden Products, as well as a new product line, Dragon Planters.

Dragon Garden Products provides a rotational moulding service to craft robust plastic products for independent retail stockists, plus an avenue for independents nationwide to develop bespoke products for their stores.

Corilla Plastics, based in Pontycymer, Bridgend, has more than 40 years’ experience in rotational moulding. Following a £400,000 investment the company has expanded its rotational moulding capabilities to better support clients across a wide range of industries. This investment enabled the installation of a brand-new rotational moulding machine to increase production capacity and scale.

The new machine, named ‘Ffaldau’ in recognition of the local mining tradition, is a 4 metre-wide, 2 arm shuttle machine, equipped with an offset (drop arm) option. Serving as an upgrade to the existing array of machinery, Ffaldau has increased capacity at the factory by 50%.

With the launch of the Dragon Garden Products brand, Corilla Plastics recognises an opportunity to equip independent and SME businesses nationwide with the ability to source industrial-grade plastic products. The rotational moulding process is well-suited for creating reusable plastic products as the forming process does not introduce stress to the material, promoting strength.

“We’re thrilled to be launching Dragon Garden Products,” said Selwyn Jones, Managing Director at Corilla Plastics. “Following the installation of our impressive Ffaldau machine we now have much more capacity to take on rotomoulding projects. Rotational moulding is our process of choice and this investment only cements that case.”


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