Ten big benefits of a successful Celtic Freeport bid2
Accelerating Innovation and Investment
What is a Freeport and What will it Mean
Unlocking the Opportunities of the Celtic Freeport_panel banner
Unlocking New Sources of Economic Growth Across South Wales
Developing a Centre of Excellence
A Catalyst for Revitalising our
Developing an Industrial Eco System
An Essential Activator in Developing a Pan Wales Green Skills Revolution
The Celtic Freeport Could be the Southwest Version of Hinkley Point
A Framework to Develop the Infrastructure our Industries will Need to Reach NetZero
Unlocking Wales’ Global Ambition in Alignment with the Governments Green Energy Targets
New Supply Chain Opportunities that will Create Continuity of Employment
Developing New Routes to Market for our Innovative SMS’s Across all Regions of Wales
Accelerating Our Aspiration to Become a Global Leader in Green Technology
A Strong Base to Build a Diverse Skills Based Community

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