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Cardiff Florist Blooms with £15,000 Micro Loan

Gwerthwr Blodau yng Nghaerdydd yn Blodeuo Gyda Benthyciad Micro o £15,000



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A £15,000 loan from the Development Bank of Wales has helped John Henry Flowers to relocate to larger premises at Unit 10, Wellfield Court in Cardiff as business blooms for the popular florists.

Owned and managed by married couple Michael Webb and John Sartain, John Henry Flowers  was established in July 2021 and now provides a range of flowers for all occasions including bouquets and arrangements to go. An increase in demand for house plants, decorative pots, vases and accessories meant that additional space was required.

John Sartain and Michael Webb, John Henry Flowers, with Donna Strohmeyer, Development Bank of Wales

Director John Sartain said:

“Our landlord contacted us to explain that a larger shop in Wellfield Court was becoming available and it was ideal timing as we needed more space and wanted to take advantage of a larger shop front with more passing trade.

“We did the sums and quickly established that we needed £15,000 to fund the fit-out and give us some extra working capital to buy more stock and pay the higher rent. That might not seem like a lot of money to some business owners, but for us, we knew it would make all the difference by paying for the move and giving us room to grow. The flexible and friendly approach of the Development Bank meant that we got the exact amount that we needed, when we needed it so we’re now up and running in our new premises and we couldn’t be happier.”

Donna Strohmeyer is an Investment Executive for the Development Bank of Wales. She said:

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy so we’re working hard to provide loans that help business owners to take advantage of new opportunities and ease cashflow. John and Michael have done a great job fitting out their new shop and now have the physical and financial space to grow.”

The £32.5 million Wales Micro Loan Fund is financed entirely by Welsh Government. Loans between £1,000 and £50,000 are available for small businesses, sole traders and social enterprise with repayment terms ranging between one and 10 years.


The Development Bank of Wales funds businesses that they think will benefit Wales and its people. The ones that will create ripples of growth- those that are more than a good business model or a great idea. They finance responsible businesses – those with a strong social, ethical and environmental standards, as well as real commercial promise.

By providing sustainable, effective finance where options have seemed limited, they bring ambitions to life and fuel possibilities for people, businesses and communities in Wales and beyond.

The Development Bank’s ‘big picture’ view means it can often help with debt and equity finance when options seem limited, doing whatever it takes to make a positive difference, bringing together the right people and working collaboratively to find a way to make things happen for Welsh businesses and for Wales.

Its teams are embedded in local communities, working out of regional offices that give customers direct access to key decision-makers and signposted avenues of support. They understand what’s happening in Wales’ villages, towns and cities – the challenges and the opportunities. They see the potential for business growth as a catalyst for enhancing lives and communities in Wales and beyond.

For more information, visit the Development Bank website at to find out more.


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