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17 June 2024

Cardiff Consultancy Accredited as Living Wage Employer

Environmental consultancy officially recognised for paying staff a wage based on the cost-of-living.

A Cardiff-based environmental consultancy has received Living Wage Employer accreditation status.

Tyler Grange is a B Corp four-day week firm, and is expert in arboriculture, ecology and landscape planning. It works with UK leading architects, housebuilders and developers to ensure that projects are delivered with optimal benefits to people and the environment.

The firm has significantly increased employee salaries during recent years to support staff during challenging times. This accreditation now officially recognises that all team members are paid a fair and real Living Wage.

The real Living Wage is based on the cost of living and is introduced voluntarily by employers.

To establish the real Living Wage, the Living Wage Foundation independently calculates a minimum rate of pay in line with the cost of living – setting a benchmark for employers that’s at a higher rate than the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage. It’s calculated independently on an annual basis and is based on the best available living standards in the UK.

Under the real Living Wage rate, a full-time worker earns more than £3,000 more each year than someone earning the National Living Wage of £11.44. In London, this increases to more than £5,000.

Tyler Grange’s managing director, Jon Berry, said:

“It’s our responsibility to support all aspects of our employees’ wellbeing – financial is one of them, so that they feel confident talking about money and asking for help when it’s needed. It’s especially important as cost-of-living pressures continue to be felt and with the accumulated debts that many people bring to their first jobs we’re tackling the issue head-on.

“We’ve long supported our employees’ financial wellbeing and we’re happy that this has been formally recognised by us receiving Living Wage Employer accreditation. It’s absolutely the right thing to do for our brilliant and talented employees who are our greatest asset as a business. Aligned with our values, we’re also fully transparent about pay and associated benefits.”

Tyler Grange joins other Living Wage accredited employers including Oxfam; Vodafone; Ikea; Lush; Aviva; KPMG; The Open University and Richer Sounds.

Tyler Grange is a member of the Better Business Network and supports the Better Business Act – both of which promote a cleaner, greener, fairer future for all. It has seven UK offices in Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Exeter and Cirencester, and the Cotswolds and has just been recognised as one of The Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024.

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