Cardiff Capital Region – Why a Hiring a Graduate Could Change your Business?


Cardiff Capital Region - Graduate Scheme - Banner Advert

Firms in South East Wales are being encouraged to consider taking on graduates by the Cardiff Capital Region.

The Cardiff Capital Region City Deal, which brings together the UK Government, Welsh Government and ten local authorities in the South East of Wales, believes that graduates are a key resource for businesses.

The case for hiring Graduates is a strong one;


Graduates in today’s digitally dominated environment bring with them a level of comfort with new and innovative tech that can help increase a company’s proficiency in digital and technological pursuits.


Fresh from the systems of study within educational institutions, recent graduates have a wealth of transferable skills that can lead to an easy adoption to the system utilised by employers with their firms.


Recent Graduates typically earn lower salaries than experienced staff but come with huge potential for growth. With the competitive graduate market and ever-growing need for fresh skills, graduates offer a fantastic return on investment.

Fresh Perspective

Millennials and Generation ‘Z’ bring with them brand new and fresh ways at looking at not just problems but also the entire culture of workplace. These fresh perspectives can lead to new innovations across a range of subjects with their different ideas.

Future planning

A trend amongst recent graduates is to desire a clear career path. By bringing graduates and engaging in career planning, issues such as succession planning down the line become less of a threat thanks to the influx of fresh talent that can be developed for the future. This might also save on recruitment costs when needing to hire higher level staff.

Considering the strength of the higher education system with South East Wales. Employers would be well-advised to investigate how they can make the most out of the vast field of future talent that is being cultivated right on their doorsteps.

To help employers, the Cardiff Capital Region has set up a Graduate Scheme to help link talented graduates to ambitious businesses.

To find out more please visit the graduate scheme website.