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3 February 2023

Businesses Welcome the Partial Reopening of the Menai Suspension Bridge

Businesses in North Wales have welcomed the partial reopening of the historical suspension bridge which connects Anglesey to the north Wales mainland.

The 200-year-old Menai Bridge is now partially open after it was closed suddenly in October over “serious” safety risks. Emergency repair work needed to be carried out to the bridge's historic hangers, which are used to keep the bridge deck suspended over the Menai Strait.

This has caused  economic damage in Porthaethwy and the wider south east Anglesey area and has increased pressure for a third Menai crossing.

Traffic Wales confirmed that there is a currently a limited weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes for vehicles, meaning heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and lorries are still unable to use the bridge for now.

Keith Jones, Director of the Institution of Civil Engineers in Wales (ICE Wales Cymru) commented:

“ICE Wales Cymru welcomes the re-opening of the Menai Bridge, albeit a temporary solution, and applauds the innovation used to arrive at a quick fix. We look forward to a permanent solution being found.

“This situation has however brought into question the resilience of transport links between main land North Wales and Anglesey. There is a proven link between the economy of the country (Wales) and the condition of its infrastructure and we need to continue to invest in that vital transport aspect.”

Mike Learmond, North Wales Development Manager for FSB Wales commented:

“The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Wales welcomes the partial reopening of the Menai Bridge.

Today marks a turning point for small businesses in Anglesey, as the reopening of the Menai Bridge signifies a step which will assist economic recovery. The closure of the bridge has been a significant challenge for our local small businesses, but the unwavering support from the community has been a beacon of hope.

As the tourist season approaches, we want to remind everyone that small businesses in Anglesey are open for business and ready to serve. By choosing to shop local, we can help these businesses bounce back and continue to play a vital role in our local economy. Let’s continue to support our small businesses, as they are the backbone of our community.

In a statement, Deputy Minister for Climate and Transport Lee Waters thanked the local community for their patience while “this extremely important and complex piece of remedial work” was being completed.


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