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Bangladesh Invites Welsh Businesses to Trade Showcase in Cardiff


The Wales-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce will be in Cardiff Bay on Monday, 8 November, outlining exciting new import and export opportunities for Welsh businesses.

Amongst the world leaders visiting the UK this week at COP26, the Bangladesh Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina attended the climate summit.

As part of the visit, the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) is also here. The Federation’s members include 39 Bangladeshi business leaders looking to expand their business network and find new commercial partners.

Data released last month by the ONS shows In the four quarters to end of Q2 2021, that tye total trade of goods and services exported and imported between the UK and Bangladesh exceeded £2.9bn, comprising exports of £550m and imports of £2.4bn, a total trade deficit of over £1.8bn

The largest import by product is clothing and textiles, exceeding £2.1 billion, whilst in the other direction, key UK exports for goods of over £300m included over £120m in metal ores and scrap, whilst power generators , aircraft , machinery and cars.

Bangladesh is ranked as the UK’s 49th largest trading partner, 74th largest export market and 40th largest import market. ONS statistics record that Wales imported £102m worth of goods from the country and exported £7m of goods during the same period.

Bangladesh’s delegation would like to meet Welsh businesses which are already involved in trade with Bangladesh, or are looking to develop their trading opportunities by either importing or exporting goods and services between the two nations.

Wales-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, Communications Director, Rosena Alim, told Business News Wales:

“I warmly extend an invitation for Monday, 8 November at 1pm, at The Coal Exchange Hotel, Mountstuart Square, Cardiff Bay, to companies wishing to participate and commercially benefit from this event, and show our Bangladesh delegation that Wales is a great place to do business.”