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All Change for Severn Tunnel Junction


A new project for the Severn Tunnel Junction station, creating an additional 150-200 -space car park its south side, plus upgrading the existing car park to include additional bike parking, safer walking and cycling access, has been set in train by Monmouthshire County Council.

The scheme will include a n upgraded bus-rail interchange, EV charging spaces and improved station building facilities.


Jane Pratt, Monmouthshire County Councillor and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Neighbourhood Services, told Business News Wales:

“We’re building a car park that will be able to take 300 cars, and we’ll also have electric vehicle charging points and places where people will be able to leave their bikes.

“What we want to do is encourage travellers to cycle to Severn Tunnel Junction or come by bus, and then get on a train. It’s all about encouraging people not to use their car to reduce our carbon footprint.”

As part of the Council’s plan, easier access, especially for buses off the M48, is high on the agenda.

“We're going to build a new road so there will be priority access serving Chepstow and Monmouthshire bus services, with an interchange and mixed-use public facilities.

“What will be key to the success of the project will be the fact that people can have regular services, and they know that they won't have to hang around for ages to get a train.”