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20th March – Cardiff
Decarbonisation of Transport through Electrification Summit



A summit to address the key challenges associated with Decarbonizing Transport through Electrification. Bringing interdisciplinary and multi sector groups together, this Cardiff University and partner event will identify opportunities for working collaboratively, to tackle these challenges.

Key industry stakeholders, funders and policy makers will deliver presentations on three main themes:

  • Vehicles and associated technologies: Electric Vehicles (EV) autonomous vehicles (AV), rail and electric & hybrid aircraft
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Supply of electricity as a transport fuel

Followed by 3 parallel workshop discussions, led by Cardiff University & partner academics and industrial collaborators. The workshop session will focus on automotive, aerospace and rail in more detail, identifying the current needs, capabilities and challenges in each and the potential solutions.

Ultimately, the event will aim to build relationships to take these solutions forward. A consortia of academia, industry and government working together, to deliver an integrated electrified transport system.

Decarbonising Transport through Electrification (DTE) Network

Cardiff University is developing a Decarbonising Transport through Electrification (DTE) network to look at the decarbonisation of the transport system through electrification. This event will launch this network by bringing together academic institutions with complementary expertise Cardiff University (Network Infrastructures, Automotive, Aerospace), Cranfield University (Aerospace, Automotive), Bristol University (Aerospace), Birmingham University (Rail) Southampton University (Rail), industry and the public sector.

The network aims:

  • To address low-carbon transport modes (road, rail and airborne) alongside associated electricity infrastructures to deliver existing and future mobility needs, treating these as an integrated system embedded within the electricity energy vector with the goal of decarbonising the transport sector.
  • To explore drivers for change within the transport system including technology innovation, individual mobility needs and economic requirements for change alongside environmental and social concerns for sustainability and consider the role, social acceptance and impact of policies and regulations to result in emissions reduction.

This integrated whole system approach will address short, medium and long term time-frame challenges, using a multi-layered approach covering the electricity supply system, future charging infrastructure (including both wired and on/off-road wireless charging), and associated vehicle technologies (electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles rail and electric & hybrid aircraft).

Through this event we expect to develop and grow the Decarbonising Transport through Electrification Network and consolidate capabilities for collaborative funding opportunities.

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WHEN:20th March 2019 – 09:30 – 16:30 GMT
WHERE:Cardiff – Glamorgan Building