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Zip World Unleashes Gravity-Powered Thrills with Aero Explorer

UK-based adventure company Zip World has announced the launch of its latest exhilarating adventure, Aero Explorer, a spiral suspension track powered entirely by gravity.

Located at the Zip World Penrhyn Quarry site – already home to the fastest zip line in the world – Aero Explorer will provide adventurers with a unique new experience as they soar across the 400m track at speeds of up to 30mph.

Set to open to the public from Friday 26th May 2023, visitors will be suspended in the air via a harness attachment as they take in breath-taking views of what once was the world’s largest slate quarry.

Along its 400m long suspended track, Aero Explorer features two spiral turns that riders will experience as they descend the structures.

Harnessing nothing but the natural topography of the area, the ride itself will be completely powered by gravity, with riders descending to ground level within 3-5 minutes.

Aero Explorer marks the fifth adventure at the North Wales site, joining Velocity 2, Quarry Flyer, Quarry Karts, and the Penrhyn Quarry Tour and becomes Zip World’s 24th attraction.

Zip World Founder and president Sean Taylor said:

“This year marks Zip World’s ten-year anniversary and we’re so excited to be launching this attraction at our first-ever site.

“Aero Explorer is the first of its kind at Zip World, with thrill-seekers unleashing their inner adventurer as they glide through Penrhyn Quarry using only the natural landscape and the unique spiral towers to descend to ground level.”

Zip World plans to launch more attractions across its five Wales-based and two England-based sites as it continues to celebrate 10 years of adventures.

The Zip World Penrhyn Quarry site will join the company’s four other Welsh locations and two in the North of England, with more attractions set to launch by the end of 2023.

Tickets for Aero Explorer are now on sale via the Zip World website. Prices for two goes start at £22 for a single rider, and £70 for a group of four.

Aero Explorer is designed to be suitable for all the family to enjoy, with the attraction open to children with a height of 1.25m and above.

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