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Wrexham University’s Commitment to Entrepreneurship Education


In a dynamic world where self-employment is on the rise, Wrexham University is taking proactive steps to inspire, engage, and equip its students and graduates with essential entrepreneurial skills.

In this recent interview with Business News Wales, Sasha Kenney, the Entrepreneurship Coordinator at Wrexham University, sheds light on the university's mission and the challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs in the UK.

Wrexham University's Entrepreneurship Program focuses on nurturing entrepreneurial talent from concept to business growth. Sasha highlights two major benefits of this initiative: the opportunity for students to acquire specialised entrepreneurial skills and the potential to earn income while studying. However, self-confidence issues and the quest for funding remain significant challenges.

To address these challenges, Wrexham University offers a comprehensive support system. This includes inspiring events, hands-on workshops, and personalised one-on-one guidance.

Despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, self-employment continues to thrive in the UK, making entrepreneurship an attractive career path. With 27 million people in the private sector, including 3.1 million sole traders, the potential for entrepreneurial success is substantial.

Sasha encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to take the first step into entrepreneurship, emphasising that it can start small and gradually evolve into something significant. Wrexham University stands ready to support those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, offering open arms and valuable resources.

For more information, reach out to Wrexham University via email at [email protected] or visit their weekly drop-in clinics on Wednesdays between 10 AM and 12 PM at the Enterprise Lounge on the main campus.


The Enterprise Team at WGU are here to support you and your business to grow and thrive.

Whether this is through Innovation, Funding, Training and Development, Placements, Projects or Graduate/Student recruitment, we are your ‘one stop shop’ for any and all business needs. Our dynamic and experienced team are here to support you and your employees.

Wrexham University sits at the heart of the business community in North Wales. We actively work with organisations of all sizes and sectors, from small start-up enterprises to global corporations, and have a great track record of offering high-quality business support.

A partnership with Wrexham University can bring genuine benefits to your business, through shared knowledge and expertise to the recruitment of talented graduates into the workforce. We understand that all businesses have different needs, and we have a dedicated business development team who will tailor the right support for yours.

Working together, we can help to achieve your business and strategic goals.


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