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Welsh Green-Tech Firm Launches Climate Controlled Mini Greenhouses


Harvst aims to help the UK grow more as ongoing supply chain issues create food shortages.

Harvst, who were recently named as one of twenty ‘new firms in Wales to watch’, is a green-tech startup in Cardigan, West Wales. They have now launched a new range of climate controlled mini greenhouses for anyone who wants to grow greens, herbs and salads at home, all of the time.

The new range comes as the UK continues to face supply chain issues with their food supply, with Harvst saying that growing our own produce is a skill that has largely been lost within the UK. Sprout is suitable for growing plants in soil, using hydroponics, or for microgreens with the ability to overcome the changing climate of seasons to grow all year round.

The range; ‘Sprout’, comes in four sizes; their smallest model (S6) is comparable to an under-counter dishwasher whilst the largest (S24) is similar in size to a tall double fridge – making Sprout suitable for indoor or outdoor use  on a balcony or in the garden.

A compact size means they fit into any garden, yard or balcony. The strong, well built frames are winter gale-tested on the wild coast of West Wales, where Harvst is based, and the systems can be customised to suit your personal growing needs.

Built-in automatic irrigation is ideal for gardeners who work away from home, or have limited time. The watering program responds to environmental changes, ensuring that plants don’t wilt on hot days, or get over watered when it’s cool. Soil moisture sensors are available as an optional extra.

The smart control system is controlled using the Harvst  web app, which can be managed and monitored from anywhere.  To help grow plants throughout winter, the 4-season models feature LED grow lights, ventilation and heating.

Founder, Chris Tanner said

“We’re really excited to be releasing Sprout, we’d like Harvst to be instrumental in helping everyone in the UK grow more of their own food.”

“Reducing food miles, food waste, plastic packaging, and developing the essential skill that is growing your own food, is incredibly important as climate change affects the seasons and our produce here in the UK: we want Sprout and Harvst to be a part of that change”