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Unlocking 5G in Tourism – Podcast


Unlocking 5G in Wales is a new podcast series which explores how 5G Wales Unlocked is using the power of technology to revolutionise rural industries and improve the connectivity of communities across Wales.

In the first episode Unlocking 5G in… Tourism, host Carwyn Jones is joined by guests Libby Warwick, Senior Producer at Jam Creative Studios; Dave Penberthy, Head of Interpretation at Cadw; and Stephanie Evans, Head of Properties in Care at Cadw; to discuss how Wales’ tourism sector can benefit from 5G technology.

Visit Britain expects inbound visits to the UK to increase post-pandemic, rising to 24 million and spending to £19.2 billion, contingent on travel restrictions and return of traveller confidence. It is forecasted that by the end of 2022 visits to the country will have recovered to about 68% of pre-Covid levels, but how will the introduction of 5G impact this statistic?

5G Wales Unlocked partners BT, Jam Creative Studios, UtterBerry and Monmouthshire County Council are working with Cadw, Welsh Government's historic environment service, to pilot an exciting new opportunity for heritage sites in Wales. Their efforts are centred on Raglan Castle, a site of historical importance which is popular with residents and visitors alike. The project has two parts: AR experiences, developed by Jam Creative Studios, which aims to bring the history of the castle to life using 5G-enabled tech and to encourage new and repeat visitors to the heritage site; and the development of a system of sensors by UtterBerry to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, structural integrity, and footfall at the site, providing real-time data via an online control panel.

5G Wales Unlocked is a consortium project led by Welsh Government and combines the knowledge and resources of some of the world’s leading technology, security, academic and mobility organisations, including Cisco, BT, Cardiff University, UtterBerry, Jam Creative Studios and AppyWay working in partnership with Monmouthshire County Council and Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council.

This discussion looks in detail at how 5G is powering the project at Raglan Castle.

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