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Understanding the Importance of Mental Wellbeing


The Time to Change Wales campaign is a social movement that aims to improve attitudes and change behaviour towards mental health in society, ensuring equality for everyone in Wales and to help eradicate distinctions between people with and without mental health problems.

Rachelle Bright, Community and Employer Lead for the engagement strand at Time to Change Wales, spoke to Business News Wales about how she engages with businesses that are interested in becoming a pledged organisation on their journey to supporting their staff with better mental health and wellbeing.

Funded by the Welsh Government and delivered as a partnership of two leading Welsh mental health charities, Adferiad Recovery and Mind Cymru, Rachelle tells of the areas of her role, which includes the recruitment and training of people with either current or historical mental health, providing them with confidence to become a champion, to go into businesses and share their personal experiences to further the education of how to talk to someone with mental health challenges.

Along with an overview of the implications around poor understanding of mental wellbeing, to both the business and fellow colleagues, Rachelle shares her thoughts and knowledge around the free and easy steps a business can take to become a pledged employer of Time to Change Wales, empowering businesses and their employees to feel confident and comfortable when chatting to one another, thereby removing stigma around mental health problems.


Time to Change Wales is the first national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems.

Time to Change Wales is now in its fourth phase, with a mission to change attitudes and challenge mental health stigma faced by people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and those experiencing poverty.

The Time to Change Wales campaign is delivered by a partnership of two leading Welsh mental health charities, Adferiad Recovery and Mind Cymru:

Mind Cymru is a force for change in Wales. Informed in everything they do by people with direct experience of emotional distress they campaign vigorously to create a society that promotes good mental health and that challenges mental health stigma.

Adferiad Recovery provides support for vulnerable people in Wales and their families and carers. They have a particular focus on people with mental health problems, substance misuse problems, and those with co-occurring and complex needs.

The campaign is overseen by a Programme Management Board (PMB) which includes the Chief Executives, Directors and key senior staff from the two partner organisations. ’The PMB’ also includes people with lived experience of mental health problems and individuals with expertise relevant to the campaign.

The Time to Change Wales campaign is funded by the Welsh Government.


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