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UK Economy Boosted by Netflix’s £200 Million Investment in Welsh Content Since 2017


During an appearance at the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, Netflix revealed that its productions in Wales have contributed £200m to the UK economy*. 

Netflix’s investment in productions shot in Wales is causing a ripple effect across the entire UK economy. More than 40% of Netflix’s investment in Wales goes beyond the UK’s TV and film industry, with thousands of vendors from the hospitality, logistics and rental sectors all benefiting. Netflix has previously shared that for every £1 it spends on series and films in Wales:

  • 58p is spent in the TV and film sectors
  • 30p is spent across other sectors of the economy such as property, food, construction.
  • 7p is spent in the rental and leasing sectors
  • 5p is spent in the wider creative, arts and entertainment sectors
  • Additionally, every £1 spent on series and films in Wales generates a further 80p of spending across the UK.

Speaking to the Welsh Affairs Select Committee today, Benjamin King, Director of Public Policy UK and Ireland said:

“Our productions in Wales have generated £200 million for UK GDP, and for every £1 spent on these by Netflix, 40% of that spend is outside the film and TV sector”.

TV and film produced in Wales is part of Netflix's $1bn annual investment in UK-made content with over 60 shows across every corner of the country each year.

*£200m contributed to UK economy over the last five years (2017-2022)