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Torfaen Manufacturing Firms Secure Productivity Enhancement Programme Funding


Brick Fabrication Ltd and Frog Bikes Manufacturing have received grant funding from Welsh Government’s Productivity Enhancement Programme and have successfully risen to the next level.

The programme was launched in Torfaen in November 2020 by the Torfaen Economy & Enterprise team at Torfaen council in partnership with Welsh Government following widespread success in other areas.

Following a review of productivity enhancement, both firms are now benefiting from capital expenditure in new technologies which have enabled them to implement improved production and cost efficiencies, new product development and design as well as new testing systems. They are just two of a number of Torfaen based manufacturing businesses that are currently taking part in the programme.

Matthew Younger, Director at Brickfab said

“Following a review of the business’ activities in the Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics Division, key improvements were identified in factory layout, new technologies and testing required for a new range of products.

The grant has allowed building work to go ahead at the factory, creating a much smoother flow of production, which was needed to cope with the extra demand. New production techniques and equipment have been installed which makes production much more adaptable with a reduction in cost and time to build new molds, which has been a major improvement.

A new product range has undergone third party testing, and the manufacture of a completely new range of products has begun for which orders have already been received and the order book is growing steadily. It is likely this division of Brickfab will grow significantly in the next few years and the grant assistance has undoubtedly accelerated this progress.”

Rob Mason, General Manager at Frog Bikes Manufacturing said

“The programme has enabled us to build a state-of-the-art product testing suite within our factory in Pontypool.”

“We are continually improving the design of our bicycles so that they are the best possible choice for children, making sure they are as light as possible whilst also being strong and robust.  As we make these changes we want to quickly and consistently test our bikes for safety and longevity. To do this we need to perform high-repetition fatigue tests.  The only bicycle testing service in UK has closed, so we needed to bring this capability in house.  Having the capability to perform mechanical testing on our bikes within our factory also speeds up our development cycles.”

“The programme helped us fund the costs of building the test suite, sourcing the testing equipment and setting up the software.  It will help us strengthen and defend our competitive advantage versus our global competitors.”

About the Productivity Enhancement Programme

The programme aims to increase efficiency, develop new products and explore new markets within the business. Participants are assigned a Welsh Government Relationship Manager and Innovation Specialist to help review productivity enhancement and support them through the business-friendly application process. Furthermore, expert manufacturing advice is provided through a funded productivity consultancy that can help with advice surrounding factory layout, automation and digital, technical manufacturing challenges and quality marking requirements.

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If you are a manufacturing business based in Torfaen who would like to explore this programme, please contact Torfaen Economy & Enterprise team:

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