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The Scaling Success of Openreach


Speaking to Business News Wales, Connie Dixon, Partnership Director for Wales at Openreach shares her insight into the scale up of the network providers plans to connect Wales, corner to corner.

Being the UKs biggest digital network infrastructure builder, Openreach are on a mission to get as many people as they can to get upgraded to the best broadband infrastructure of full fibre. With an ambitious figure of 25 million homes across the UK by 2026, Openreach are well on the road to success, building their networks to over 62,000 homes and businesses every week.

Openreach operate an open network, working with over 640 different retail providers to ensure consumers great choice. In the last 3 years, they have been on a journey to further these partnerships, pivoting from the traditional copper-based network to an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable full fibre network. Across Wales, Openreach are just about to hit their 600,000th home that will have access to the full fibre network, a milestone achievement that continues to change daily. Co-funding their builds alongside the Welsh Government, Openreach are able to target ‘not-spots’ across rural Wales, with 37,000 homes out of 39,000 homes so far supported.