The Gender Index 2024: Wales Leads The Way in Female-led Fast Growth Companies


Wales has the highest proportion of female-led fast growth companies across all UK regions and devolved nations.

The Gender Index Report 2024 shows that 15.9% of fast growth companies in Wales in 2023 were female-led, well above the overall rate of 12.4% for the UK as a whole.

The report analyses active companies across all four UK nations in 2023 to unpick trends related to diversity in leadership, industry, growth, access to funding, investors, and turnover growth.

In total, the report covers more than 8.8 million unique officers across nearly 5 million companies active in 2023 across Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The data was collected through a combination of machine learning technology and big data to create a detailed database which allows for analysis of socioeconomic factors in entrepreneurship.

In this business insights interview, Business News Wales editor Gemma Casey talks to Professor Andrew Henley, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Economics at Cardiff Business School, who analysed the report for the insights it provides on Wales-based businesses.

Read The Gender Index Report 2024 in full here:

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