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The DSP Centre will Position North Wales as a Global Leader in Digital Technology


Stuart Whitfield, Digital Programme Manager at Ambition North Wales , spoke with Business News Wales to discuss the latest developments at Bangor University’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Centre.

The North Wales Growth Deal reached a historic milestone last month as it launched its first project; with new cutting-edge equipment at Bangor University’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Centre.

Technology at the DSP Centre, manages the way digital signals are transmitted, providing a solution for the signals to be better processed and received and to be both more secure and more cost effective.

The £3million Growth Deal funding through Ambition North Wales, has enabled the DSP Centre to acquire new equipment to undertake cutting-edge research for digital communications. The funding will develop solutions to support the future's digital requirements, benefitting businesses and residents with better communication capabilities such as 5G and 6G. The state-of-the art equipment can also be used to advance the development of new prototypes; examples include applications such as enhanced security (an encryption/de-encryption connection to improve digital safety) and environmental sensing (identifying a change in external environment through video transmission). This will provide businesses and communities who use the DSP technology with a more cost effective, more secure and more efficient use of their applications.