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Technology Entrepreneurs Move into Mamhilad Park Estate


Technology entrepreneurs Uddr have taken office space at Mamhilad Park Estate as the business scales up to meet increasing UK-wide demand for its local services app.

Named after the local milkman, Uddr was first launched in 2020 by entrepreneurs David Smith and Stuart Arthur. The platform incorporates WhatsApp and is an affordable and easy to use business development tool for local tradespeople who have not typically adopted digital platforms and can therefore be hard to track down as a result. Over 700 small businesses have now registered on the app, ranging from local milkmen to estate agents, florists, window cleaners and refuse collectors.

With over 4000 users across South Wales making use of the free app to find tradespeople easily and quickly, Uddr is now expanding from their new offices at Mamhilad Park Estate with the recruitment of two new staff through the UK Government Kickstart scheme. Beginning in Bristol and Bath, plans are in place to expand the use of the Uddr app throughout the UK. A further four new jobs are expected to be created over the next year.

Director David Smith said:

“It was watching a David Attenborough documentary that inspired Uddr. The programme urged everyone to think about their own role in creating a sustainable planet; recycling, cutting down on waste and utilising services such as the local milkman to cut down on single-use plastics.

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about how our local milkman needed support to embrace the digital world. A year later and we officially launched Uddr in June 2020. The easy to use app offers a unique service because it incorporates WhatsApp, allowing business owners and customers to contact one another with ease.

“We are absolutely committed to providing an affordable and easy to use platform for small, locally rooted businesses; bridging the gap which prevents many tradespeople and SMEs from exploiting digital opportunities, whilst also supporting the foundational economy. It’s all about levelling the playing field between small and large businesses by listing them in order of geographic distance to encourage users to buy local rather than by size or budget via an easy to use app that is free of charge.

“Our new home here at Mamhilad is the perfect location to scale-up as it is accessible for staff and offers flexibility to accommodate our growth plans so we can increase our space as we grow rather than having to move. It’s also great that lots of the other occupiers here at Mamhilad are already registered on our app and of course, we get to enjoy the facilities on-site.”

James Crawford is Chief Executive of Johnsey Estates, owners of Mamhilad Park Estate.

He said: “It might have begun with the milkman, but Uddr has huge plans and this locally-rooted but nationally ambitious firm will be one to watch in the future.

“We’re delighted to welcome David and the team to Mamhilad and look forward to supporting their growth over the coming months.”