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13 December 2022

Talented Local Artist Brings Festive Flair to Cowbridge

An “extremely talented” artist has been showcasing her painting talent on shop windows throughout Cowbridge.

Claire Danvers, who is Huxley And Mabel Art, has been in high demand in the run up to the festive season and her talents have not gone unnoticed among local traders who have left Claire “snowed under” with offers to paint their own shop windows.

Claire Danvers, Huxley And Mabel Art outside the coffee Shop 96 Degrees Coffee in Cowbridge

Claire, from Llantwit Major, has been so busy that she has had to announce that she can no longer take any additional bookings in the lead up to Christmas.

Claire left her full time job last year to pursue her personal love of art and struck out on her own by setting up her company Huxley and Mabel Art, that offers pet portraits, greeting cards, private commissions, personally painted items such as Christmas baubles and window art.

Her other business Best Day Ever offers a bridal themed artistic service where she paints jackets, shoes and other items to suit each brides’ personal specifications.

Shoppers around Cowbridge can see her installations in many of the shop windows around town, each with a different theme to suit the personal specifications of the client.

Shop windows include Thornbush Hill, The Bay Tree, 96 Degrees Coffee, Top Dogs Grooming Parlour, Herbert R Thomas, Dog and Rider Boutique among others across the town and beyond.

Claire says:

“I’m feeling so overwhelmed with love and happiness….

“Who would have thought, a year ago, when I left my full time job to be an artist – that I would be getting more messages than I can manage to respond to individually.

“I’m still considering the odd pet portrait at the moment, and as for baubles, if I find one that I haven’t already painted, then I will offer them when the rest have been handed over to the pre-sale customers.

“Your support, the likes, every single comment and message just gives me the energy I need to complete my mammoth ‘to do’ list and if you’ve been waiting a little longer than we would have both liked, I thank you for your kindness.”

To contact Claire for any future work please visit


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