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Swansea Breast Cancer Survivor Launches Coaching Business to Help Others


Bami Adenipekun from Swansea who lost her mum and sister to cancer and then faced her own three-year battle with the disease has started a post-trauma coaching business to help others in similarly tough circumstances.

Bami Adenipekun, 40, from Cockett, has launched Inspired to Soar to inspire, empower and equip people affected by trauma with the tools to live meaningful lives.

“I know from personal experience that a traumatic event can shake your world in the most severe, distressing and painful way,” says Ms Adenipekun.

“Even though trauma changes your life completely, the new normal journey can be a thriving and fulfilling one.”

Ms Adenipekun is no stranger to trauma or a new normal way of living. She lost both her mum and sister to breast cancer. She was later diagnosed with early invasive breast cancer, after undergoing a risk-reducing mastectomy in March 2014 as advised by her GP.

The tissue tested after that surgery showed the cancer which did not show up on the mammogram.

She is now on breast cancer medication for the next seven years.

She said it was during her cancer battle that she realised the level of support available for trauma survivors, their families and employers was often times inadequate.

“I was fortunate to find some measure of support when I was diagnosed which a lot of people do not have,” she said.

“Having support helped but I found it was not enough. My loved ones were often isolated. My work suffered.”

As well as working directly with trauma survivors, part of her work involves one-to-one coaching with family members. She encourages them not to neglect their own needs while caring for a relative.

She said:

“Loved ones need more than the occasional coffee mornings at support centres. They need to know that their own needs, wishes and dreams do not have to take a back seat.”

Ms Adenipekun, who has a CPCAB level 3 certificate in Life Coaching Studies, uses a unique seven-step Navigating Your New Normal (NYNN) framework which she developed, to help people gain clarity, purpose and direction.

Prior to launching her coaching business, she worked as a bereavement adviser for five years.

However, while undergoing treatment and recovery, she gave up work due to the way her sickness absence was dealt with.

“Time off work during trauma has to be properly managed by the employer,” she said. “At work, I felt unsupported and resigned.”

She now offers seminars and coaching services to companies who want to support their employees better after trauma.

She said:

“My unique NYNN framework is intended to complement existing employee policies in order to achieve win-win situations after prolonged staff absence due to trauma of any kind.”

Ms Adenipekun said the NYNN framework is like a SatNav for the new normal journey.

She said:

“After my breast cancer diagnosis, I decided that I did not want to be defined by my diagnosis.

“I am living proof that no matter what kind of trauma you have experienced, thriving is possible. Applying the NYNN framework to myself in the midst of personal tragedy is testament to its effectiveness.

“It is not a quick fix but is a process which if followed through will bring about desired life fulfilment even in the midst of life’s most painful experiences.”

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