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Alistair Handyside MBEExecutive ChairThe Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK



Business News Wales spoke with Alistair Handyside MBE, Executive Chair of The Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK about the opportunities and challenges his members a facing on their sustainability journey.

Business News Wales · Sustainability is Good for Business


The Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK sole purpose is to lobby the Government on behalf of professional self-caterers. These are small businesses where the self-catering business is a primary income stream for the owners. There are currently some serious threats to this sector, including poorly implemented statutory registration schemes and the lack of a level playing field across the sector, in terms of both regulation and taxation. Most of these are caused by Government action – or lack of. PASC UK is well connected and well-placed to try and address such issues.

Why Join PASC UK?

Joining PASC UK will give the professional self-caterer access to a wide range of sector specific information. This will include the taxation and regulatory landscape in which they work as well as business challenges and issues.

A professional team lobbying on your behalf to try achieve a fairer balance of taxation and regulation for the professional self-catering sector.

They have PR and lobbying partners to assist us in carrying out this role.

With over 1,100 members; representing over 50,000 short term letting properties between in the UK, PASC UK is well connected to lobby on your behalf with regular meetings with Government Officials and Ministers.