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Sales Managers’ Pay Falls – for Second Year Running


This article has been submitted by Croner

An annual salary survey of 289 UK organisations with sales roles has found managers pay lags behind other sectors by as much as 2.6%.

The annual Sales Rewards Survey, by pay experts Croner Reward, looked at a sector by sector comparison and found senior managers’ pay has fallen behind by 1.1% and junior managers by 2.6%.

This compares to data from last year which also found senior and middle managers pay was lagging behind – by 3.3% and 3.5% respectively.

It is a different picture for heads of function who are earning on average 2.8% higher – compared to similar roles in the marketing, finance and HR sectors.

Other key findings

Reward expert Clare Parkinson from Croner said:

“This year we have analysed data from 1,963 jobs, from around 289 organisations.

“Across the board increases for Sales professionals averaged 2.3% over the last year. The forecast for pay awards for Sales professionals in the coming year is 2.3%.

“Earnings for junior managers have risen by 1% and for sales representatives by 1.2%. However, for senior and middle managers the downward trend we’ve seen is not nearly as significant as last year, which shows salaries are gradually catching up year on year.”

Regionally the survey found that sales managers in the North East are paid 2% less than the national average, where as in London salaries are 21% higher.

In terms of bonus payments the biggest rise was for heads of function which enjoyed a 16% rise from £10,000 last year to £11,600 this year.

Croner Reward: our service

Clare added:

“Croner Reward is one of the most accurate and knowledgeable benchmarking resources in the UK, which organisations with a strong sales presence can utilise to set their pay and benefits packages for employees.

“This ensures that businesses are able to recruit and retain the right staff, which is essential to the success of every great organisation.”

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