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Rural Health and the Importance of Connectivity


In this podcast of the Rural Futures Hub series, brought to you by Business News Wales, host Carwyn Jones speaks with Dr Rachel Rahman, and Prof Charles Musselwhite both of Aberystwyth University as well as Huw Thomas, Director of Finance at the Hywel Dda UHB. They focus on access to rural health services with consideration of ageing, digital connectivity, and transport.

Living in rural areas can be beneficial for health and well-being in many ways, for example access to green spaces and lower levels of pollution. However, once facing ill-health, accessing health and care services can pose significant challenges for rural residents. This podcast will discuss research by Aberystwyth academics that considers how physical access to services can be promoted or hindered by rural transport infrastructures, and whether technology is a viable solution for improving access to services with a specific focus on ageing populations and the economic costs of rural health delivery.