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Recruitment Technology Platform Syft Expands To Cardiff


The UK’s multi-award winning, market leading flexible staffing platform, Syft, is pleased to announce that it has expanded to a new location, Cardiff. This represents the sixth opening for the venture capital-backed startup, with the Welsh capital joining London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham as a base of hassle-free staffing.

Cardiff is an area which holds a special importance to Syft and its mission to improve conditions for employers and jobseekers. Prior to the company’s launch in 2015, Co-Founder and CEO Jack Beaman pursued a political science course at Cardiff University. During his studies, Beaman extensively undertook temporary work; he discovered a sector with low wages and limited opportunities for workers, plus high fees and a lack of control and choice for businesses.

Jack’s experiences directly inspired him to build a fair, open and transparent flexible staffing solution; several years later, he’s brought that solution to Cardiff and is excited to see the changes it’ll bring about. The city boasts a thriving hospitality and events scene, alongside a notable industrial and warehousing presence, both of which will benefit from high-quality, reliable staff. Thousands upon thousands of jobseekers – such as those in the local student population – will enjoy above-average wages and control over their work scheduling.

Syft’s new branch opening marks another milestone in a storied year for the company. In April, the company completed its first acquisition, merging with the culinary recruitment agency PBL Chefs. They operated across the hospitality sector, providing 600 chefs – ranging from food preparation assistants to head chefs – to many prestigious brands across the UK. With a huge uptake in applicants throughout the year, thoroughly vetted by our internal team, Syft now has 13,500+ Syfters available to work in sectors like hospitality, industrial and facilities management.

In early May, Syft won the prestigious Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year award at the Recruiter Awards, one of the industry’s most notable galas. Later that month, Syft reached 7th place in the Startups 100, an industry ranking which has highlighted some of the most successful startups over the last decade. They noted: “(Syft’s) customer and investor base are laudable, so too are the aims of the business.” In early July, Syft was awarded the Hottest Platform Economy / Marketplace trophy in Europe at The Europas 2018 run by TechCrunch; judges praised Syft as “TaskRabbit for the hospitality industry.”