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Prioritising the Passive: Why Management Recruitment Requires a Hybrid Approach


This article has been submitted by Sitka Recruitment

If your previous attempts to recruit managers haven’t delivered the calibre of candidate you were after, have taken too long, or resulted in a less than ideal recruit, it may be worth considered a hybrid approach for next time.

Often, recruiters will adopt a single approach to finding new talent: traditional or headhunting – otherwise known as search and selection.

Because of the time and skills involved, the more proactive approach – headhunting – is usually reserved exclusively for high profile executive roles, but we’ve had great success when utilising it for managerial, director level and executive jobs alike.

If you want exceptional and experienced managers who give your organisation a strategic advantage, working with a partner who offers a combination of recruitment techniques makes good business sense. The individuals you’re looking for will be responsible for driving your people’s productivity. As such they require a specific skillset, a certain level of seniority, and very often they’ll be what we call ‘passive jobseekers’ i.e. not actively seeking out a new role.

Relying solely on a traditional high-volume, data and database driven approach to find these people is risky for a number of reasons:

It diverts attention away from your business needs

Rather than being driven by targets and time pressures, a hybrid approach to recruitment gives more time and focus to finding someone with the right balance of skills to complement those of your existing team.

Specialist recruiters, like ourselves, who have decades of experience engaging with candidates, will also have more up-to-date knowledge of your industry and a much greater understanding of the talent you can expect to attract and how to go about it.

It limits your pool of candidates

Even if your industry is bursting with talent, you still want to make sure you reach the best of it.

Yet while it’s been found that 86% of candidates are receptive to hearing about job opportunities, 90% of recruiters focus only on those who are actively looking for new roles. Finding a partner who can incorporate headhunting techniques into the search can vastly increase the pool of candidates you have to choose from, thus increasing the chances of finding someone with the specialist skills you need.

The more face-to-face nature of this type of approach also makes it more likely you’ll filter out the good-in-person candidates from the good-on-paper.

You’re less likely to retain them  

Traditional recruitment techniques often fall short when it comes to screening candidates. If you don’t get to know candidates face-to-face, you’re less likely to find people who fit with your business culture.

Because of the time spent engaging with candidates, a hybrid approach to recruitment is far more likely to find compatible candidates with the right balance of skills for your organisation, who integrate with your team. An integral part of our service is preparing candidates for the process and supporting them through their transition and first few months in the role. This ensures our clients see the best of them at interview and reap the benefits of a more engaged and loyal employee.

It can be expensive

It can cost you a lot more to replace a bad hire than it can to recruit a good one.

Limiting yourself to one specific approach can also be less cost effective – while relying solely on advertising or database searches can unnecessarily extend the cost and process of recruitment, headhunting isn’t necessary for every single role either.

Generally, a hybrid approach to recruitment will deliver the talent you need more quickly and efficiently, but the best approach is one that’s flexible and thorough enough to meet the unique needs of your business.

At Sitka, we pride ourselves on providing a more comprehensive search and an exceptional recruitment experience for both clients and candidates. To find out more about our hybrid approach to recruitment, please get in touch.


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