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According to their website, isn’t just a website. It’s a valuable resource and platform for small businesses to find information, support and inspiration.

Caryl Owen, the Founder of this bilingual resource chats to Business News Wales:

Upon why she started, Caryl says:

“I used to run my own small business a few years ago, making and selling greeting cards. I found it somewhat of a lonely experience and ever since then, having now given up on that business, I’ve thought that I’d like to do something to help small business owners.”

“Cut to last August, this idea just came to me and Gofod.Space was born!

There are 3 main sections to The first being information. Here is where you will find what you need to know about setting up and running a small business, as well as a few tips and tricks written by professionals and other small business owners. From finance and law to sustainability and marketing.

In the second section of the site, the support section, you will be able to find self-care tips, simple recipes for your lunchbox, resources for keeping organised, making your life that little bit easier.

Caryl says that the Inspiration section is all about you. Stories and posts about other small businesses that will hopefully inspire you to succeed and make your small business thrive.

The goal at is to make your life as easy as possible so that you can run your small business successfully and efficiently.

But what is Caryl’s main piece of advice for businesses wanting to follow in her footsteps?

“Just go for it! If you have an idea and the means to do it, what have you got to lose if you just go for it?”

We think that you will definitely succeed in business if you take some advice from