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25 March 2024

NHS Wales Contract Win Allows Cancer Survivor to Support Those Battling Hair Loss

A breast cancer survivor is offering a hair replacement service via NHS Wales prescription thanks to support from Business Wales.

Anastasia Cameron, a multi-award winning stylist from Rhoose, founded Scarlett Jack Hairitage salon in the Vale of Glamorgan to provide modern hair loss solutions for those living with conditions such as alopecia, or the side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Anastasia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021. When she entered remission in 2023 she decided to change careers to help others to access quality hair replacement solutions.

Anastasia said:

“Losing my hair was very challenging – I felt a lot of shame and didn’t want to leave my house. Even though I dealt with hair loss when I was a stylist, I still wasn’t prepared. It wasn’t until I lost my own hair that I could truly understand and empathize with the challenges people endure.”

Anastasia contacted Business Wales to help her build the foundation for her business, working with advisor Nicola Thomas on a business plan as well as with information on navigating the start up process and accessing funding.

Anastasia said:

“Nicola became my lifeline during the start up process. She helped me build Scarlett Jack Hairitage from the ground up to become an inclusive and safe space that people living with these conditions need.

“Starting a business like this takes resources and investment. As I was unemployed at the time I was able to access the Barriers to Start-up Grant which allowed me to join specialist wig making courses and purchase the equipment I needed at the salon.”

Business Wales also supported Anastasia to navigate procurement processes to ensure NHS patients could affordably access her services. With one-to-one support from advisor Elgan Richards Anastasia submitted successful tenders via Sell2Wales and etenderWales to become a NHS Wales supplier. As a result, patients can now be prescribed vouchers to help cover the costs of wigs.

Elgan Richards said:

“It’s a common misconception that public sector contracts are out of reach to small businesses, but Scarlett Jack Hairitage proves that this just isn’t the case. We are proud to have helped ensure that people can access the services they need. I hope Anastasia’s success will inspire other businesses to explore how they can follow her example.”

Scarlett Jack Hairitage, whose name was inspired by Anastasia’s two children, offers clients a completely personalized experience. After an initial consultation customers are able to choose the colour, cut, and style of their wig, or select a ready-made stock wig available at the salon. Both options allow clients to come back for regular maintenance, or cuts. The wigs that are a part of the company’s custom service are made by Anastasia using ethically sourced 100% human hair.

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