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New Small Business Commissioner to Help Firms in Wales


This article was submitted by Business Wales

The UK Government has launched the complaint handling service of the Small Business Commissioner to ensure fair payment practices for small businesses.

The Small Business Commissioner will support small businesses in Wales to resolve payment disputes and tackle larger businesses unfair payment practices to drive culture change. There is a new guidance website to help small businesses with late payment issues and small businesses can now submit late payment complaints to the Commissioner.

The Small Business Commissioner’s website guides small businesses on how to “check, chase, and choose” how to deal with unfair and late payments, that is:

  • Check if the right information has been provided to the right people in order for an invoice to be paid
  • Chase effectively when a payment is overdue
  • Choose how to take further action, including the option of submitting a complaint to the Small Business Commissioner

For further information please visit the GOV.UK website or visit the Small Business Commissioner website.