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11 June 2024

New Platform for Leading Car Subscription Firm

A leading car subscription company has launched a new platform designed to minimise barriers to entry for would-be customers.

The new product from Cardiff-based Wagonex, called Storefront Lite, marks the expansion of its white label product line.

The new platform joins Wagonex’s flagship subscription platform, the recently rebranded Wagonex Storefront.

Wagonex has introduced Storefront Lite to enable more companies to adopt the subscription model at a lower price point and with greatly reduced set-up time. With the core features of Storefront, the Lite product has been designed to make it easier for fleet managers to trial the car subscription market and offers fast set-up as well as the security of Wagonex’s trusted Storefront platform.

Storefront Lite provides partners with a digital storefront with integrated digital payments and contracts, plus customer and inventory management as standard, so fleet managers can add and manage stock quickly and easily.

Its market leading product Wagonex Storefront boasts a wider range of powerful features such as embedded personal lines insurance, identity verification checks, vehicle imagery and management, plus customer payments and credit checks.

Toby Kernon, CEO and founder of Wagonex, said:

“Car subscription is an exciting proposition for many as it can offer a valuable new revenue stream for vehicles that might otherwise sit idle. Despite this, there are barriers to entry – such as long set-up times and the initial risk of investing in the right technology. We wanted to help ease these barriers and make subscription more accessible. Storefront Lite is designed to do just that.

“By introducing an entry level version of our tried and tested platform, a subscription storefront can be set up in a matter of days, for our partners to manage the full customer journey digitally.

“Storefront Lite is designed for those newly entering the subscription market and is priced appropriately – meaning fleet managers can jump into car subscription with minimal financial outlay and much lower risk.

“Our software is easy to use, and we offer various levels of branding depending on the chosen product, so partners can easily tailor the service to their personal needs, adding additional features and customisation as the need arises.

“We are proud to offer a much quicker speed to market than most of the competition with this new platform, while also enabling our partners to grow and scale with us.”

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