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11 September 2023

Net Zero: Survey Sheds Light on Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses in Mid Wales

In a significant stride toward sustainable energy practices, Dr Gemma Delafield, the Regional Energy Lead for Growing Mid Wales (GMW), talks to Business News Wales around their most recent survey focused on achieving net-zero goals.

The GMW team aims to uncover the primary opportunities and challenges confronting businesses in the region regarding the transition to net-zero emissions.

With the survey, Gemma highlights its potential to shape future funding initiatives, expedite grid investments, and provide tailored support for local enterprises. An emphasis is placed on a collaborative approach, inviting businesses to contribute valuable insights that can help collective decarbonisation efforts. By identifying pivotal challenges through the survey, Mid-Wales' businesses stand to gain from targeted workshops designed to facilitate the transition to more sustainable operational models.

In a quote by National Grid Electricity Distribution, they said, 

As the Distribution Network Operator covering South Wales, we are committed to investing in the network in a more proactive manner. With your permission, information provided in this survey will be shared with us to ensure that the decarbonisation plans of businesses in Mid Wales are captured in our strategic plans

Participation in the survey is seamless, with an online platform accessible for all businesses. The survey, designed to take a few minutes to complete, can even be submitted anonymously.

To complete the survey, click here


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