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11 September 2023

Fintech Awards Wales 2023 Announced

The highly anticipated FinTech Awards Wales 2023 unveiled its winners on Friday, marking a significant celebration of innovation and excellence in the financial technology sector. Steve Dukes, CEO of principal sponsor, described the event as nothing short of “fantastic.”

Hosted at the renowned Tramshed in Cardiff, the FinTech Awards Wales were established by leading technology recruiter Recruit 121. They serve as a platform to honour the visionary trailblazers propelling the FinTech industry in Wales while contributing to the growing momentum of the UK's premier digital finance hub.

Matt Hyde, Managing Director of FinTech Awards Wales, reflected on the remarkable journey of the FinTech sector within the Welsh economy. He noted,

“Few sectors in Wales have witnessed such rapid growth, even during challenging times. The expanding FinTech sector is a testament to the convergence of digital skills, talent, and unwavering determination. These awards shine a spotlight on both emerging and established tech companies and entrepreneurs who are driving growth not only for Wales but for the entire UK.”

Steve Dukes, CEO of Principal Sponsor, commented about the awards said,

“It's been another fantastic night celebrating Wales' FinTech ecosystem. These awards are a fantastic opportunity for us to learn from and inspire one another.

“We're proud to be Principal Sponsor and part of the ever-growing Welsh FinTech network. Furthermore, as this ecosystem grows, it's great to see how much talent is being developed and retained in Wales.

“Well done to everyone who came away with an award this evening and to those who made the nominations list. Let's harness this momentum in Welsh Fintech and keep growing together”.

Emma Peterson, Director of Hosts Recruit 121 (Finance, Technology & Executive) commented,

“As a tech recruiter, I've seen firsthand the dynamic innovation within Wales' fintech sector. Fintech Awards Wales celebrates the pioneers and talents driving this transformation. It's vital for us to recognize and promote excellence, attracting top talent and fostering growth, ensuring Wales remains at the forefront of fintech.”

The full list of Winners and Highly Commended are as follows:

FinTech Start-up of the Year sponsored by

  • Final Rentals

Best Academic Programme of the Year sponsored by Bjss

  • University of South Wales – Masters in Data Science

New Product of the Year sponsored by Principality Building Society

  • Credas

Apprentice of the Year sponsored by Educ8

  • Thomas Everson – Final Rentals

Best Growth of the Year sponsored by Deloitte

  • Sonovate

FinTech for Good of the Year sponsored by Capital on Tap

  • Sero

Cyber Security Team of the Year sponsored by The Cyber Innovation Hub

  • PureCyber

Rising FinTech Star of the Year sponsored by PwC

  • Liz Moore – Wagonex

FinTech Exporter of the Year sponsored by Welsh Government

  • Sonovate
  • Highly Commended – W2 Global Data Solutions

FinTech Scale-up of the Year sponsored by Clockwise

  • Sonovate

Team of the Year sponsored by Zeal

  • Delio

Best Place to Work of the Year sponsored by Sonovate

  • Sero
  • Highly Commended – PwC Cardiff

FinTech Leader of the Year sponsored by Admiral

  • Toby Kernon – Wagonex

FinTech Company of the Year sponsored by Monmouthshire Building society


Best Use of AI sponsored by Go.Compare

  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Best Advisory of the Year sponsored by Recruit 121 (Finance, Technology & Executive)

  • Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors


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