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MWL Systems Discovers Rare Orchids on its Land


North Wales based IT company, MWL Systems, made an interesting wildlife discovery recently, when members of the team found several varieties of orchids growing on the company’s land. Amongst these varieties included the Bee Orchid, a plant that is very rarely seen in the North and one that requires close attention in order to preserve its habitat.

MWL Systems contacted the North Wales Wildlife Trust, in order to gain more information on the discovery, and how the team could maintain and preserve this area of rare wildlife. The team met with Living Landscape Officer for the Wrexham Industrial Estate, Jonny Hulson, who has a great deal of experience in working with businesses to preserve finds of this nature:

“I work with businesses, landholders, farmers and community groups on and around the Wrexham Industrial Estate, advising on conservation land management and improving connectivity for wildlife across one of the largest industrial areas in the UK. This involves carrying out surveys for conservation priority species, mapping habitats and drawing up management prescriptions for businesses operating on the industrial estate.”

With over 36 nature reserves under its management, the North Wales Wildlife Trust works with volunteers, members, organisations and landowners to protect local wildlife. The Trust is actively seeking to work with local businesses to help them in preserving finds such as those found on the MWL Systems’ land.

The Bee Orchid is seen within the UK from June to July. Its name comes from the fact that the bee is the main pollinator of this plant, with flowers that reflect the appearance of the bee to attract them. However, the right species of bee to pollinate this particular orchid is not found within the UK, therefore Bee Orchids in this country self-pollinate.

Working alongside the NWWT, the team at MWL Systems will help to preserve the sustainable habitat of the Bee Orchids on their land. This will be achieved by carefully managing the grass cutting in this area of land and informing members of the public of the importance of the wildlife area with clearly placed signage.

Managing Director at MWL Systems, Matt Kingsley-Williams, said of the find:

“It is extraordinary that these beautiful plants have been found on our land and we very much look forward to working with the North Wales Wildlife Trust to ensure that these orchids continue to thrive.”